Terms of Use

First off you are responsible for what you post and do on the website. (Lobby Friends) Is not responsible for what people post and believe on the site. If some thing breaks the rules we will take action. Other then that we leave people alone. By using the website you agree not to be doing illegal activity on the site.This means posting things that break local, state or Federal laws. You agree not to post Porn, Advertisement for Porn of Escorts and Escort services You agree not to post provocative stuff with children in any thing on the site. Posting provocative stuff with any one of any age will break the rules of the site. Promoting violence is not at all good for any one. SO DONT DO IT. Yo agree not to start a group, Page or any thing on the site to promote Violence. We do not hold pages and groups at fault for a member postings in their groups of pages. But we Expect the owners of all pages and groups to remove those members and report them to the website for actions that would be need taken.
Looking for Sponsors and maybe even partners for the website. Contact the owner direct with your ideas. MARINE_IN_GOD_MODE